Quality Standard

At V-Nano, we consider quality standards an essential part of our supply services. We understand that quality is a must that you cannot forsake, and this from the very first step of the development process; this is crucial as to avoid delays and budget explosions. While this may not appear to be a process priority, we have experienced great business benefits from rigorous quality from an early stage, resulting in high savings at development completion as well as and in avoidance of late stage reworks which may put on hold or delay your project.

Our motto is to provide the highest level of quality assurance to our partners in order to ensure

compliance with regulatory requirements worldwide (FDA, EMA, PMDA, KFDA….)

  • Chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) documentation support for your filing
  • Project management according to your requirements
  • iRisk® implementation of your project on demand

Our facility for cGMP manufacturing is fully compliant with FDA, EMA and PMDA requirements.