Fill & Finish

How does V-Nano offer customers the best sterility assurance and sterile manufacturing for your product.

This is the question we answered with the design process of our facility:
a unique line with an accessible environment in clinical scale.

We provide you with small-batch size production with the best equipment ever designed. We enlisted two of the most experienced French suppliers, in their own field, to deliver an innovative and unparalleled manufacturing tool: SPC France is our filling system supplier, JCE Biotechnology for isolators.

Aqueous phase liquids

Highly viscous bulk

Automatic filling process

Dose control

Disposable isolator for filling and stoppering

Semi manual capping station

“The competitive edge we bring to the table is the price per unit we deliver!”

At V-Nano, we are proud to offer our customer best-in-class system available for sterile manufacturing of a wide range of molecule with limited batch size.