Research & Development

V-Nano core business is research and development. In full partnership with our customers, we provide a broad range of services to support your clinical and pharmaceutical development.

Encapsulation of your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is one of the key activities we offer, but it is not the only one. In fact, we are proposing a full development service, assigning your project a single project manager, who is your contact point throughout the project, allowing you to focus discovery.

We also propose a full development team to support you with API encapsulation, with fill and finish activities and with secondary packaging, all of this to deliver a state-of-the-art drug product or Medical Device Class 3.

No need to look elsewhere,
V-Nano can do all this under the same roof.


We expertly solve the challenges of the nano-vectorization in cGMP and overcome all the hurdles that are intrinsic to the development of such molecules, allowing our partners focus on a their core business: drug discovery.

Fill & Finish

We provide you with small-size batch production with the best equipment ever designed. We enlisted two of the most experienced French suppliers, each in their own field, to deliver an innovative and unparalleled manufacturing tool.


In order to support your projects, V-Nano is well equipped, extremely versatile and agile, with a demonstrated ability to fit your requirements.

Quality Standard

At V-Nano, we consider quality standards an essential part of our supply services. We understand that quality is a must that you cannot forsake, and this from the very first step of the development process; this is crucial as to avoid delays and budget explosions.

Development Partners

At V-Nano, we set-up a strong partnership with CEA Tech, a recognized leader in characterization and formulation activities as well as in quality control of your molecules.