Development Team

As to quickly move your product to the clinical phase, V-Nano confirms your proof of concept through the development of a reliable process. To do so, we partner with key players from the field, such as CEA Leti in Grenoble, a leading laboratory in Nanotechnology Enabled Products (NEP) dedicated to drug development for over 20 years. By looking at the formulation and characterisation of the drug product you wish to develop, this laboratory engineers your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in small or large molecule to meet nanotechnology endpoints.

Our pilot-scale laboratory is located in Toulouse, close to the fully good manufacturing practices (GMP) platform; this guarantees a proper support for the scale-up of your future drug product. This pilot-scale laboratory is dedicated to design a GMP scalable process in non-GMP environment to ensure your success.

To meet the highest standard of NEP, the team is composed of qualified and experience PhD and engineers.

Finally, for the manufacturing of your GMP batch, V-Nano’s team of high skilled technicians and operators in sterile manufacturing provides you the best environment to meet your milestones.