Orphan Drugs

With the aim of being your contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partner of choice, we designed our facility to provide you with small-quantity manufacturing at low cost. We are ready to supply your orphan disease or specialty drug product to any marketplace.

For V-Nano, orphan disease drug product is more than a clinical package to deliver, it is a concrete product to support for the entire drug delivery process.

Our team is structured to be your partner from clinical activities up to commercial drug product.

In a landscape where development for sterile drug product is expensive, repeated transfers and multiple partners management are critical for any orphan lab-discovery company. At V-Nano, we are proud to offer you a one-stop-shop platform: we support formulation development, provide multiple solutions to your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), vectorized and targeted to your specific cells. Once the commercial phase is reached, we accompany you in chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) filing as well as in final validation of product launch.

We believe that once you have experienced our skills, unique approach and wide range of services, we will become your partner of choice for our commitment to quality, our efficiency and our cost in supplying you with the best product.

Our facility is designed for efficiency in small-scale batch manufacturing for a multitude of molecules:


High potency active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)

Standard injectables

High effective cell therapies

Gene therapies

Viral vectors

Stem cells

CAR T-cells