Clinical Trial Manufacture

In a world of innovation, nanotechnology drug laboratories are looking for efficient and scalable processes to support manufacturing of clinical trial materials. Big Pharma and small pharma labs have different approaches to support this need.

Big pharma can invest and build state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture its product in for proof of concept; small pharma partners will likely choose lab-scale to manufacture product. However, in both cases this will lead to good manufacturing practices (GMP) production to move to clinical trial phase.

We not only aim to manufacture your Nanotechnology Enabled Product (NEP): our claim to fame is to be the most efficient partner for your future product. Our facility is designed for NEP and built to successfully take-on and pass audits from healthcare agencies worldwide. This approach is unparalleled and differentiates us from any other contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) on the market: our core activity is NEP, and this is not a side activity. We designed and acquired very flexible equipment built off high pressure homogenization (HPH) technology. Why HPH? This unique technology can scale-up your process for NEP manufacturing up to a level of 60 Kg with 100 % cGMP compliance.

This one-of-a-kind equipment has been designed to support an ample range of manufacturing technologies, from bottom up to top down, including solvent based inclusion with dedicated Explosive Environment (EEx) vessel and compounding area. V-Nano is the only CDMO to offer such system.

We adapt or directly transfer your product in accordance with your requirements; we formulate and compound your nanoparticle to meet the highest sterile standard.